Food Trucks On Friday Night!!!

Friday Night Food Trucks is a not for profit food truck market operated by the Daylesford Spa Country Railway. This is a Food Truck only evening, non food stalls cannot apply. Opens at 5pm, winds down from 8pm and closes at 9pm. Open on Fridays when the weather is good, Outdoor Bar, Outdoor Take Away Food and dog friendly for friendly dogs (leash a must). It is a family friendly evening with strict limitations on consumption of alcohol within the bar area. Currently only patrons that have at least two doses of an approved Covid 19 vaccine may enter and sit in the bar area. Unvaccinated patrons can purchase food from the food trucks to take away from the site. All patrons must check-in on arrival.
If you would like to be part of our vibrant market and contribute to our passion for providing visitors to Daylesford and it's locals a must see weekly experience then please click on the appropriate link below -

Apply For A Site

We are at Daylesford Railway Station - 18 Raglan Street Daylesford

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