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Daylesford Sunday Market Stallholder Information and Rules

Attention! Due to the current COVID 19 crisis much of the information on this website may be superfluous. If you have a query please text 0476 527 999. We are currently operating as a food and produce market only, all stalls that fall outside these categories cannot attend. All patrons and stallholders must abide by current Victorian DHHS COVID 19 advice to attend. Do not come if you are unwell or have been in contact with anyone unwell. Social distancing must be practiced by all on site at all times, AT LEAST 1.5 METRES BETWEEN YOU AND ANYONE ELSE AT ALL TIMES. We are operating as a service not a social gathering, sanitise at the entrance, shop quickly then leave. Do support our small scale businesses and our local farmers. Please take care, together we can beat this.

The Daylesford Sunday Market operates every Sunday at the Daylesford Railway Station, 16-18 Raglan Street/Midland Highway at the Castlemaine/Trentham end of town. Operating hours are from 8am till 3pm with the market winding down after 1pm, some stallholders trade till 3pm, others will pack up at 1pm. On days of poor weather the market may close earlier with stallholders permitted to leave earlier. Do not exceed 5Kph and use hazard lights when driving through the market.

There are two types of stallholder -

• Regulars - Stall holders who have their own allocated stall sites.
• Casuals - Stall holders who have no regular stall site allocation. If you are a new stall holder then you will need to book a stall in advance or join a queue of vehicles to get a stall.

Cost -

A stall costs $35 ($70 for a double). There are some 3x3 metre sites available that are $5 cheaper. No site sharing (two or more separate operations on any one site) is permitted. A tax invoice/receipt will always be given as a record of payment. Site fees are collected mid to late morning. Regular long term stallholders can apply to pay a flat fee of $130 per month.

Booking a stall SMS -

In order to make a booking please SMS your name, what you are selling, whether you will be using a marquee, tent or gazebo, preferred site size (3x3, 7.5x3 or a paddock stall at approx. 7.5x5 metres) and the date of the market you wish to book for to 0476 527 999 (SMS ONLY NUMBER) at any time within 13 days of the market you wish to attend. Please note that this is an SMS only number, voice mail is not checked. The only time this number may be called is on Sunday between 6-30am and 3pm, stallholder bookings will not be taken during this time, please SMS to book. A SMS booking request will receive an SMS reply with stall location Thursday morning or by 6-30pm Saturday prior to market if you book later in the week. No market correspondence will take place between Sunday 3pm and Thursday morning. We recommend booking for long weekend markets 13 days in advance.

Land Line Bookings -

If you are unable to SMS you may book by leaving a message on (03) 5348 3503, leave a clear message with your name, what you are selling, whether you will be using a marquee or tent, a repeated landline contact number and the date of the market you wish to book for. Mobile numbers will not be called, if you own a mobile you will have to SMS. These messages are checked Thursday and Saturday.

Bookings note -

No bookings will be taken after 5.30pm Saturday prior to market. If you decide to come to market after this time you will have to join the casuals queue on Sunday morning. If you have booked a paddock stall the East Street gate will open at 6.30am, if you arrive before this time please join the East Street queue. If you book a stall please be at your site by 7.30am or have sent an SMS to the market mobile (0476527999-SMS ONLY NUMBER) to inform of lateness as unattended sites will be given away at 7.40am. If you are a casual (have no booking or regular site) you must be in the queue on the market side of the Raglan Street entrance to the paddock by 6.45am. All stallholders are asked to notify management of any absence/cancelation before midday Saturday (earlier notice is preferred) by calling the (03) 5348 3503 number and leaving a clear message or by SMS to 0476 527 999 (preferred) so that their stall may be allocated to another. Note that we understand that on weekends of very poor weather you may have to cancel later due to waiting for more certainty from forecasts, on these weekends please let us know by 5pm Saturday. Regulars do hold the most desirable stalls in the market, if you are a casual please understand this and know that most booked stalls will be placed past the station. If you are selling bric a brac you will more than likely be placed in the paddock. If you want to smoke at your stall request a paddock site as there is no smoking in the main market area. Management reserves the right to move any stallholder at any time.

Casual Site Allocation (The queue, If not booked) -

The queue starts at the main entrance to the paddock on the market side of Raglan Street. Casuals who arrive for a stall and have not booked must join this queue by 6-45am. All stallholders must respect our neighbours and be very quiet (absolutely no blaring radios) while waiting in the queue, make too much noise and you will not get a site.

• Stall numbers are limited at 130, if the queue is long and you arrive at the end of it on a busy day then there is a chance that you will not get in (especially on a long weekend).
• No guarantees can be given to anyone without a Regular site or a booking. If you come by 6.30 am you will probably get in. However if you arrive on a long weekend at 7.00am, it is likely that the market will be full and you will be turned away.
• A second queue may exist at the East Street entrance, this is made up of regular and booked stallholders who are waiting for the East Street paddock gate to open at 6-30am. Do not join this queue, the only queue to join when you arrive with no booking is on the market side of Raglan Street.
• Single site allocation is preferred with a double site the largest area available for allocation.
• If you arrive late with no booking, please find or call (0476527999) the Market Manager, do not just set up your stall, they will find the best spot for you if one is available. Understand that we may have reached our stall limit and have no stalls available.

Size of Sites -

The average site in the Main Market varies from between 6 and 8 metres long and between 3 and 6 metres wide, most are 7.5x3 metres. A car or small trailer can fit into this area with just enough display room for goods, if you have a larger set-up a car will not fit in the site and you will have to park in the public car park. A small marquee may not fit in as well as a car (often one corner of the marquee will have to be over your car). If you think you need more room, ask to be placed in the Paddock Area where sites are generally larger, averaging 7.5x5 metres. The largest amount of site space allocated is a double site. We do have some 3x3 metre sites available, request a 3x3 in your booking request.

Smoking -

The Main Market area is a smoke free zone. Smoking is allowed in the paddock area as long as you are not within ten metres of a food stall. If you must smoke at your stall request a paddock site and bring an ashtray as a collection of cigarette butts at your site at the end of the day may see you fined.

Insurance -

You are responsible for yourself, your products, the safety of your stall set up and your actions at the market. While we do not require all stallholders to have insurance we highly recommend getting it. We do provide you with some cover as an attendee at the market but do not provide any cover for your goods. We do require public liability insurance be held for anyone selling food for consumption at the market and for anyone using power, details of this must be presented to management. The Stallholder shall indemnify the Daylesford Spa Country Railway and Daylesford Sunday Market management and keep them indemnified to the fullest extent by law from and against all claims or demands of any nature whatsoever which the Daylesford Spa Country Railway and Daylesford Sunday Market management may suffer or incur in connection with loss of life, personal injury or damage to property arising from or out of any occurrence in or upon the premises or the use of the premises by the Stallholder or by any of the Stallholder’s employees and customers or caused by the stallholder or by the stallholder’s employees and customers and whether or not the existence of a dangerous item or dangerous state of affairs was or ought to have been known to the management or Stallholder or both of them. The Stallholder shall also ensure that all their property and effects are removed from the Market at the conclusion of the Market each Sunday. The stallholder acknowledges there is no liability or responsibility whatsoever on the Daylesford Spa Country Railway and Daylesford Sunday Market management for any loss or damage the stallholder may suffer or incur to their property, effects and equipment before, during and after market hours.

Tents, Marquees and Umbrellas -

Please tell us initially if you intend to erect a tent or marquee as this may affect where you are placed. Not all sites are suitable for tents or marquees. Always bring substantial weights for all corners of your marquee/tent/umbrella and pegs, use at least 8 inch pegs firmly hammered to ground level and weights. Some sites have asphalt at the front and cannot be pegged there, use larger weights on these corners. Ensure that the marquee/tent/umbrella weights are more than adequate, securely fastened to the marquee/tent/umbrella and capable of holding your marquee/tent/umbrella down in very high winds. Stallholders are responsible for securing their marquees, tents and umbrellas safely and are responsible for any damage, injury or death that results from their marquee/tent/umbrella being blown around. Please take extra care when setting up and packing down marquees, tents and umbrellas, ask you fellow stallholders for help if you need it.

Powered Sites -

We have some powered sites available. The minimum extra cost for a powered site is $10, more will be charged if your operation uses a large amount of power. All stallholders using powered sites must comply with all regulations relating to the safe use of electricity in a public place (see the Energy Safe Victoria website for details) and all electrical appliances must be tested and tagged every twelve months. In most cases a sturdy, outdoor approved tested and tagged lead of at least 15 metres in length will be needed. There will be zero tolerance for unsafe electrical set-ups and all users of power at the market are required to hold their own public liability insurance.

Produce Stalls -

We have very strict limitations on produce stalls. If you are a produce reseller do not bother coming to the market as you will be turned away. If your produce is grown by you outside of a 50km radius of the market then you will probably be turned away unless what you are selling does not grow in the Daylesford climate, is currently unavailable in the local area due to seasonal issues or if local farmers have not grown what you are selling. If you have produce that has been grown by you in Daylesford or within 50km of Daylesford then please contact the market about selling in our Railway Farmers Market section, an area dedicated to local food. The Daylesford Sunday Market supports the local community, our farmers and producers are no exception. Eggs – To sell eggs a stallholder is required to be registered with Council as a Class 3 food business and complete a Statement of Trade via Streatrader. Stallholders with less than 50 chooks are exempt from egg stamping and the requirement to register with Department of Agriculture, however they are still required to be registered with Council as a Class 3 food business and complete a Statement of Trade via Streatrader. Stallholders are not permitted to sell, even a few cartons of eggs, at a non-food related stall without this registration. This is to ensure egg traceability throughout the State and to ensure that safe eggs are being sold to the public. If your eggs are from more than 50kms of the market you must have management approval to sell your eggs.

Stallholders -

• Must comply with all relevant legislation and any requirement of any authority including Hepburn Shire Council and have the necessary permits or licenses appropriate for their type of sales and products. It is your responsibility to do so.
• Must lodge a statement of trade with Streatrader if you are selling anything that people can eat or drink to trade at the market. You must be able to show the Streatrader statement of trade to the market manager when requested.
• Must ensure that all bags provided to customers are compliant with relevant state and federal laws. All packaging from food stalls must be compostable.
• For Licensing and Registration for dealing in second hand goods see Consumer affairs Victoria guidelines for second hand dealers at https://bit.ly/2Yktqw9 (note that the market is conducted by the Daylesford Spa Country Railway, a not for profit organisation)
• Must comply with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. Stallholders are asked to report any safety incident or unsafe situation to the market manager.
• Are responsible for their products safety. See Product safety checklist for markets - https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/products-and-services/product-safety/product-safety-checklist-for-markets
• Must not sell live animals at the market, especially domestic pets like dogs and cats. No animal sales are allowed even if “free to a good home”.
• No illegal goods may be sold. It is up to you to ensure that the goods you are selling are allowed by and compliant with Australian law. Management reserves the right to prevent the sale of items deemed questionable.
• No drugs or drug paraphernalia may be sold, this includes anything deemed to be a promotional item.
• We are a family friendly market, no pornography or any offensive material may be sold. Management’s judgement on this is final.
• It is illegal to sell or permit the sale of goods or merchandise that infringe any copyright, trademark or registered design, e.g. pirated audio/video cassettes, compact discs, DVDs, clothing etc.
• Any equipment used on your site must be in a state of good repair and operated in a safe manner.

A stallholder who does not comply with the guidelines and relevant legislation is liable to have their site cancelled and/or be refused admission to the market. The Daylesford Spa Country Railway and market management reserve the right to refuse the entry of, evict or suspend the trade of any stallholder.

Second-Hand Electrical Goods -

If you want to sell second-hand electrical items they all must be tagged as second-hand. If untested and untagged by a qualified person, Energy Safe Victoria requires the following statement be printed on a tag that is attached to each item for sale -


If the item/items have been tested and tagged accordingly they must have the compliance tag attached as well as a tag stating that the item is second-hand.

Busking -

Busking is permitted and there is no charge for free entertainment provided unless goods are being sold as well. If you want to busk we now conduct auditions to do so, contact the market manager (0476 527 999-SMS ONLY NUMBER) to arrange an audition which will take place at around 8-30am Sunday morning, the auditions success will not be determined by the market manager, a select group of stallholders will judge. Buskers pick an area where they can fit in and may stay there for up to 45 minutes then must move to another area. Amplified music or sound is allowed but it must be no louder than the natural voice can carry. Other guidelines are;
• Hurling / juggling sticks or objects is not permitted in case of injury to persons nearby unless done with prior approval from management and public liability insurance is held by the busker.
• If there is more than one busker in an area, a common sense separation is expected.
• You may be charged $15 if you are selling from your busking spot. If you have a cd or two of your own music that is o.k. and you will not be charged, more elaborate setups will be charged.
• Buskers and other unpaid entertainment must also sign the acknowledgement before performing at the market.

Dogs at the market -

Dogs are permitted on market grounds. They must be on a leash at all times, owners must have a dog waste bag with them, dog behaviour is subject to the Domestic Animals Legislation and market management reserves the right to remove or exclude a dog whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate or dangerous.

Alcohol -

Consumption of alcohol on market grounds during market hours is prohibited with the exception of tastings from licenced producers and special events. If you hold a producers licence with promotional event authorisation you may offer tastings and sell your product in accordance with the requirements of the licence but you may not sell your product to be consumed on site. Intoxicated stallholders and patrons will be asked to leave the market grounds.

Rubbish and Litter -

We only accept a small amount of waste and litter from stalls including some cardboard and packaging. We do not accept;
• Unsold or damaged goods (items you don’t want to take home).
• Trade waste from your stall including bulk packaging / polystyrene boxes / waxed cardboard boxes / plastic storage tubs etc.
• Any domestic waste other than occasional litter (coffee cups and the like) from your day at the market.
• Cigarette butts littering a stallholder’s site will not be tolerated. Stallholders cannot smoke in the main market area.
• If you have just a few cardboard boxes to dispose of they must be broken down into flat sheets and placed in the recycling cage provided (behind the Ladies toilet block).
• A recycling bin is located in the same area, please use this for empty bottles and the like. All stallholders are expected to leave their stall sites clean and tidy when they depart.

Daylesford Weather -

Weather at Daylesford can be very different to Melbourne or even Ballarat. It can be raining in Melbourne, Ballan & Ballarat but fine in Daylesford, or vice versa. We recommend checking the Daylesford weather on news/weather sites before attending the market on questionable days, do not rely on the Melbourne or Ballarat report. If you decide to cancel your stall due to poor weather please do so before 5pm Saturday.

Drive safely -

On cold mornings, beware of black ice on the roads, especially in still, frosty conditions. Not all roads have black ice warning lights. Another traffic hazard is native wildlife on the roads, especially kangaroos in forested sections and wildlife corridors, please drive slower through these areas and slow down when coming to a crest or an unsighted bend. The wildlife corridor signs become much more relevant at dawn and dusk, at these times always slow down considerably in these areas and drive more slowly outside of them. Stallholders hitting kangaroos is a far too common occurrence, please take care. Contact Wildlife Victoria on (03) 8400 7300 if you have injured an animal, if the animal is severely injured the police can be called to dispatch. The main market and the paddock market area have a 5kmh speed limit as they are shared pathway areas and hazard lights must be used when driving through them. No vehicle movement can take place in the main market between 8.00am and 1.00pm without permission of the manager. This is a strict rule as public safety is paramount. On long weekends and busier markets large crowds may prevent vehicle movement till much later than 1.00pm, on these days you will have to wait until it is safe to leave. Do not reverse your car through the market without a spotter in place.

Bushfire Information -

The Daylesford Sunday Market does operate on “Total Fire Ban” days in summer unless there is a “Code Red” fire danger warning issued for the Central Region. On a “Total Fire Ban” day users of open air gas appliances or cooking fires must apply for a permit from the CFA.

No market will operate on “Code Red” fire danger days in the Central Region!

Daylesford is identified as a high fire danger town. Avoid this area on a “Code Red” day.

Trestle Hire -

We have a limited number of 1.8m long trestle tables for hire. Trestle tables are $5 each for the day. Please request a trestle in your booking and one, or more, will be held for you if available.

Stall Set-up -

Stallholders may not set up their stall prior to 6am Sunday without prior approval from management. No noise beyond quiet talking and quiet placement of goods may be made prior to 8am, no radios can be on prior to 8am. All stallholders are expected to respect our neighbours right to quiet and will not trade for the day if they make excessive noise in the morning. When setting up your stall ensure that public safety is a major consideration, secure tall objects that may fall, ensure that sharp objects are placed safely, take time to think about potential dangers your set up may have and firmly secure marquees. You are responsible for yourself, your products, the safety of your stall set up and your actions at the market.

Parking -

If you do not have room for your car in your stall site and must park elsewhere we do have some all-day stallholder parking at the South end of the main market. If these spots are full stallholders are required to park at a reasonable distance from the market, do not fill up the closest and most convenient car parks by parking there all day. Please consider easy access for your customers.

Gas use at the Market -

If you use gas appliances at the market you are required to abide by all laws and regulations regarding the safe use of gas at a public event. If you have a food van that uses gas you must have an ESV (Energy Safe Victoria) compliance plate. All users of gas at the market must provide and have easy access to a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket (this also applies to any setup where flames are used to cook). Users of gas must also have a spray bottle with detergent and water to check all gas connections prior to use. If you do not have these items and use gas you will be required to get them before using your gas. Butane camp stoves cannot be used to cook food for patrons. On a “Total Fire Ban” day users of open air gas appliances or cooking fires must apply for a permit from the CFA.

Disabled Access -

The market has a left hand rail disabled toilet on the station platform next to the male toilets. There are two disabled parking zones, one on Raglan Street, one in the paddock area. The Raglan Street disabled parking is more suited to wheelchairs for market access. The upper level carpark has stair access to the market so is not suitable for disabled parking. The market pathways can be a little bumpy, we do try and make them smooth traveling but large tree roots have made this difficult in some areas.

Stallholders should bring the following items to the market -

• Trestle tables or racks as required. (A limited number of trestles are available for a $5 hire fee each, there is a limit of three hired trestles per stallholder).

• Sufficient change (you will be often be paid with $50 notes).

• Plastic covers/shelter material in case of rain.

• An ashtray if you smoke and will be in the paddock, smoking is not allowed in non-paddock stalls.

• At least your site fee in cash.

• Sunscreen and appropriate sun cover/umbrella for clear days. Only about one third the market sites have any shade. Marquees, tents and umbrellas must be securely set up.

• Warm clothing as it can be quite cold in Daylesford at any time, especially in the morning.

• A warm smile, happy stallholders sell more. Do not just sit behind your stall waiting for people to buy your product, engage patrons and sell them your product. If you spend the day looking at your phone or sitting there with a grumpy face you will sell less. Some Stallholders say that sitting down all day will halve your take and swear by standing up. Spending the day looking at your phone will also reduce sales.

• If a windy day is forecast please bring wind protection for your stall, include heavier weights for marquees.

• Some patience – We are quieter between 8am and 10am, use this time to get something to eat and check out other stalls at the market, most Daylesford accommodation checks out at 10am so our busiest period is between 10am and 1pm.

• If you are bringing a marquee/tent/umbrella always bring adequate weights for each corner of the marquee/tent/umbrella and at least 8 inch pegs. You are responsible for the safe set-up of your marquee/tent/umbrella.

By holding a stall at the market stallholders are deemed to have agreed to all of the above rules.

This information is issued on behalf of the Daylesford Spa Country Railway, owner and operator of the Daylesford Sunday Market (ABN 76 223 529 785).