The market's, SMS only, contact phone number is - 0476 527 999

Please note that this is an SMS only number, voice mail is not checked and please do not request a phone call, SMS is the only communication method used (no voice mail ping-pong). The only time this number may be called is on Sunday between 8-30am and 3pm, bookings are not taken during this time. You will receive an SMS reply within 48 hours or by 6-30pm Saturday prior to market. No market correspondance will ever take place on a Monday or Tuesday. If you do not own a mobile phone you may call 5348 3503 and leave a message, these messages are checked on Wednesday and Saturday, please clearly state, and repeat, a landline contact number if using this method.

The market's contact e-mail is -

This is for general enquiries only, bookings cannot be made by e-mail.

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