Daylesford Railway Farmer's Market

Sunday 3rd of March

In Season

Summer veg, tomatoes, berries, carrots, herbs, zucchini, gherkins, potatoes, garlic, salad mixes, mushrooms and seedlings, out of season produce available from our weekly grocer.

Available Weekly

Artisanal Sourdough Breads, Local Honey, Local Spirits and Wines, Local Preserves, Local Pastries and Tarts, Local Meats... and so much more.

Daylesford's Sunday Farmer's Market

On Every Sunday!

Weekly access to our prime local producers, our choicest local products and the finest of what is not locally available. Not for profit and community focused, Daylesford's home of local produce direct from the source.

The Railway Farmer's Market is a sub-section of the Daylesford Sunday Market dedicated to local food. Local produce and products are featured here every Sunday. With apple cider from five minutes down the road to local artisan bread baked 500 metres away we pride ourselves on keeping this area of the market local and purely food orientated. Our local farmers harvest the day before or even on Sunday morning to bring you fresh local produce, low food milage and what we think is one of the best weekly local produce shopping experiences in Victoria. Get in early as quite often they sell out before the market starts to wind down at 1pm. If you are a local food producer or product maker from within 50kms of the market we encourage you to contact the market (0476 527 999-Text only number) to enquire about becomming a seller. Please note that all farmers selling at the market do have their farms inspected by management to ensure local provenance. Please note that all processed food products sold at the market must include, as the primary ingredients, produce that is grown within the 50km radius of the market unless that produce does not grow or is not grown within the radius.

The 50km radius of the market is shown below. If you are from outside this radius and do not produce something that is not grown or made within the radius we are sorry but your stall application will probably be refused. The market showcases our local region and whilst we have a few stalls that are permitted to supply some products that are non seasonal or not grown in our area in order to supply our customers with a true alterantive to shopping at pure resellers, only local growers and producers will have new stall applications approved. To apply for a stall please follow booking procedures under the Stallholders link.


We are at Daylesford Railway Station - 18 Raglan Street Daylesford

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